Audi A6L 2013 5th immo add key using Xtool x100 pad2 with KC100 adapter

Have Audi A6L 2013 with 5th immo to add new keys, highly recommend Xtool x100 pad2 with KC100 adapter . Seeing is believing, read the step-by-step procedure in the following paragraphs.


The first one key is original and the remote is working, the second one is blank to be programmed.


  1. I complete a Youtube video. is a trustworthy shop I bought and will buy Xtool x100 pad2


  1. If you have trouble to watch the video, please go on reading the step-by-step procedure as below:

Tap “X100 pad2” on the screen.

Tap “VW/Audi Skoda / Seat”


Tap “4th/5th immobilizer system”.


You will have 2 options “4th immobilizer system” and “5th immobilizer system”, Audi A6L 2013 is 5th immobilizer system.


pad2 can’t identify the VIN code because the ignition doesn’t turn on, go to switch the ignition on.


Come to 5th immobilizer system function menu.


1). Read immokey.




 2). Show security data

Have 3 keys.


3) Make dealer key.

Please plug the KC100 into tablet, press (OK) to continue.

The KC100 adapter indicator turn blue means it powers on.




Put the original key into the coil of KC100 adapter.


Then put the blank key that ready to add to the coil of KC100 adapter


Writting key…

Create dealer key success.


4) Learn the key.

Turn the ignition on, click “OK”.

Read the note shown as below.


Input the number of keys to match


Put the blank key to the sensor area.


The first one learn successfully.


Then put the second one to learn, after learn with success, it prompts “Learning success”


Finish match the key.


Tap “Return” button to exit the system.

To identify the two keys are working or not.

They are working fine.


Now I take one key outside of the car and leave one key in the car.

Start the engine. the first key can turn on.



Take the first one outside of the car, and another one in the car, start the engine, the key start turn on ok.

The remote is working.



The truth: Xtool x100 pad2 with KC100 adapter is tested able to add new keys for Audi A6L 2013 with 5th immo.

X-100 PAD2 Pro with Special Functions For VW 4th 5th Full Version with KC100 | eBay

How to adjust Hyundai Mistra kilometer by OBDSTAR X300M?

OBDSTAR X300M is ideal kilometer adjustment tool for Hyundai Mistra 2017, because it complete new kilometer adjustment via OBD without dismantling the cluster.


As you can see on the Hyundai Mistra 2017 dashboard, the old value is 20685KM.



I will connect OBDSTAR X300M to the Hyundai via OBD2 cable, power on it and go to the menu “Cluster calibration”, you can see the car makes option, choose “Hyundai”.



Hyundai V30.70.












As you can see, this is Hyundai supported list, choose ” Mistra”.



Select “Kilometer”.






X300M reads out the old mileage: 20685 kilometer, then you can see the dashboard info.



Input the new value 10650KM





Adjustment complete. You can see the dashboard display 10650KM.





It’s amazing to use OBDSTAR X300M to adjust mileage on Hyundai, it’s so easy even the user is not professional. I highly recommend it, everyone can own one.

OBDSTAR X300M X300 M OBDII Odometer Adjustment Mileage Correction Tool | eBay

How to use Retrofit Adapter Emulator ?

Today I would like to introduce some retrofit adapter emulator to you .

1,Apple CarPlay and Android for Mercedes Benz NTG5 S1

Unlimited use carplay apple android auto started in 10 seconds updated by MB STAR C4 C5 xentry Mercedes NTG5 S1 apple car play


Mercedes-Benz NTG5S1 (A/B/CLA/GLA/GLE/CLS Series)
                                   Plug & Play! Just need insert to obd port than active 1 minute to work! 
                                                                             Unlimited use!
                                       Compatible models(COMAND NTG5s1):
                               A-Class      W176     Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               B-Class      W246      Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               E-Class      W213      Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               CLA-Class   W117     Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               GLA-Class   W156     Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               GLE-Class   W166     Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               GLE Coupe  W292    Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               GLE-Class   X166     Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               CLS-Class   W218    Date of manufacture 01.2016+
C/GLC/S Series NTG5.0 and NTG5E are not support! (Need to use video interface and iponoe box to achieve.)
(If your headunit is old version, the function will not normal work or can not be opened, you need update your hedunit to latest version online)
Please don’t insert this OBD tool for unsupported models, or you need take all consequences.
Many Thanks !!!

This Emulator use display limit data embedded in navigation map on cluster or head up display (if car has HUD).

Please make sure that BMW map for your area are contain speed limit information (SLI)


You can use this simulator bench test F computer module, such as the CIC system, instrumentation …

Through the the canbus, enet diagnosis, testing, coding, program modules, without the need to test in the car!

4.Motion Video Unlock TV FREE For Mercedes-benz Comand NTG5S1 / NTG4.7 / NTG4.5 / NTG4

Car TV in motion adapter is designed for unlocking image display from OEM video devices while car in motion. Adapter allows watching video from original DVD player, TV tuner,or video signal from original AV input on the built-in car monitor.

1.Just plug and play, no need to instal any other software.

2.You will enjoy factory DVD TV anytime anywhere.

3.With OEM cable harness,not required to cut any original wires .

4.With CANBUS original button operation.

5.Be able to unlock the original DVD, TV while car moving.

TV Free (unlock) VIDEO IN MOTION for Mercedes NTG4.0 NTG 4.5 / NTG 4.7 / NTG 5s1

5, BMW E9x E90 e6x e60 Plug&Play CIC Emulator

Our interface has following function:

Activate Parking Rear View in CIC host with PDC(Parking Distance Control)

E9X  E90  e6x e60

For further info.please use our online service or skype if you have .


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Lonsdor K518ISE free update news on what makes and year can work

Lonsdor K518ISE engineers recently tested a number of cars and verified working great, below are test reports, please update your machine for free of charge.


Lonsdor K518ISE free update news on what makes and year can work:

2017 Buick GL8 Smart key programming

Fiat Ottimo toothless knob key programming via OBD

Rolls- Royce Wraith, Ghost key programming


2016-Ford Kuga 49 chip smart key programming without pin code

Lamborghini LP580, LP610, LP700 smart key program

Lincoln continental smart key programming without pin code

2017 Ford Taurus smart key programming without pin code & without dismantle

2017 Ford New Mondeo Smart key programming

Fiat Yung Yue / Flying Cheung smart key programming


Toyota smart key – all keys lost, Volvo, the new Ford smar key, the new Maserati smart key, Reynolds proud-Pin code reading; Modern Kia 47/48A – Pin code reading.

BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Cadillac and other luxury cars key programming…



Beiqi EX260 ordinary key program

Beacon EX200 common key program

Beiqi BJ40L ordinary key program

Beiqi EU260 ordinary key program

Beiqi EV150 ordinary key program

Beiqi EV150 economically ordinary key program

Beiqi EV160 ordinary key program

Beiqi EV200 ordinary key program

Beiqi EU220 ordinary key program

Beiqi prestige S50 smart key program

Beiqi Vanguard H3 smart key program

Beiqi magic speed H2 smart key program

Beiqi Vanguard S6 smart key program

Beiqi Vanguard S3L smart key program

Beiqi magic speed H3F smart key program

Beiqi Sketchdown S5 smart key program

Beiqi magic speed S6 remote key fob program

Beiqi BJ40L remote key fob program

Hanting X7 smart key program

[ World First] Add Mazda Angkesaila smart key program(2017);

Nissan key system (4 Digit Pin Code) ;

Nissan remote system ;

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) ;

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Qashqai(after 2015);

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Q5;

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support X-TRAIL(before 2013);

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Kroraina;

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support QX60(after 2013);


Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support teana-vip(after 2013);

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support Cima(after 2013);

Nissan smart key system (New 20 Digit Rolling Pin Code) support JX35(after 2013);

— [ World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems( 47 chip ) added for key learning without pincode ;

— [ World First] Adding FIAT Viaggio key program (Read pin code and make dealer key by OBD)

— [ World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems( 8A chip ) added for key learning without pincode ;

— [ World First] Hyundai/Kia smart systems( 46 chip ) added for key learning without pincode ;



–Add FIAT Viaggio key program

–Add FIAT Palio key program

–Add FIAT Siena key program

–Add FIAT Bravo key program

–Add FIAT Perla key program

–Add FIAT Perla key program

–Add FIAT Freemont smart key program

–Mercedes -Benz  C-Class、CLK-Class、E-Class、S-Class  openning trunk program;

Adding LUXGEN (china) key program without Pincode;



–Adding Volvo S80(before 09 smart key) key program;

–Adding Volvo V40 key program ;

–Adding Volvo C30 key program ;

–Adding Volvo V60 key program ;

–Adding BYD smart key program without Pincode

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Which mb sdconnect c4 worth the money?

v2018.5 Version avaiable now ,It is ready to work after you get it ,worth to buy.

Star diagnosis SD C4 can used by wire connection or lan cable,everything set well before send it out .full chip .detail info.

1.Support Wireless 

2.Software Version:2018.05

3. Hardware Verison:  OS:2.3   CSD:2.11 

4.Serial number:100925 

5. multi language .

6,all software license was actived .just plug and play .



New MB Star SD Connect C4 + CF-19 Laptop Xentry V2018.5 Mercedes Benz Star | eBay

How to use CGDI PRO for CAS4/CAS4+ Keys Add & All Keys Lost?

About: How to add CAS4/CAS4+ keys (and when all keys are lost situation), using CGDI key programmers.
Optional tools: CG PRO 9s12, CGDI BMW, CG100 full-featured
Part 1: Add CAS4 key
Part 2: Program CAS4+ all keys lost
Part 1: Add CAS4 key 
CAS4 antitheft buggy key programming, needs to be read to configure the key, read CAS4 antitheft data and load data ro match keys
Step 1: Read CAS4 anti-theft data using CG Pro 9S12
CAS4 anti-theft computer module
CGDI-Pro and CAS4 wiring diagram
Connect to CGDI-PRO
Decrypt successfully and save data 
Step 2: Match the new key with CGDI BMW
Go to “CAS4 Key Match”

Load CAS data
Display key data in the CGDI interface

Select the key position that need to be configured
Click to generate the dealer key
Put in the blank key into CGDI BMW
Program a new key successfully!
Work good as the original after learning
Done !

Part 2: CAS4+ all keys lost programming keep updating tomorrow .

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ID48 96 bit cloning, which device to buy?

ID48 96 bit cloning, which device to buy?

Someone tried id48 96 bit cloning? Just thinking which device to buy. Does KEYDIY KD-X2 or VVDI KEY TOOL ?
VVDI key tool you need tokens for id48 96 bit cloning , tokens are $8 each .Hand Baby now use tokens for 96 bit as well which are a lot dearer .speaking to KD-X2 Transponder and Remote copier, they haven’t made the decision yet on tokens or how much tokens will be for 96 bit id48 .
Keyline use no tokens but the gkm chips are £15 .Silca use no tokens and silca 48 currently around £12 for the id48 chip ( rumours of their about to go up in price )

both above clone in just a few minutes and token free .xhorse vvdi key tool tokens are $8usd plus cost of chiphandy baby cheap chip but expensive token at the end of the day its the speed to clone , the cost to clone and the chip price that will dictate the best tool , the token and chip prices may make silca and keyline competative as token free and very fast and reliable , time will tell.
the cost of the machine is not a factor , the cost of consumables ie tokens and chips is far more important , as a decent saving to produce the chip will soon negate the cost of the kit , once all consumable prices are known then it becomes easier to decide on best machine .
i have silca , keyline and handy baby options already , i have a kdx-2 on way to test for a uk distributor , soon id48 will be just another key to clone . with silca about to release ford 80 bit cloning im sure the rest will have it too in no time .
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