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BMW E90 E60 E9X E6X Parking Reverse Image Emulator / Rear View Camera Activator

B-M-W E9x/E6x CIC With PDC Reverse Image Emulator/Rear View Camera Activator You do not need to install any interface or decoder, the original camera terminal input, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and so on. It haven't backing tr…

BMW NBT EVO Video in motion (TVFREE)

Support all NBT and EVO (included all Fxx series and Gxx series) www.ebay.com

Xentry error 2221-45 No access authorization solution

One of customer had the xentry error 2221-45 no access authorization when running mercedes MB SD Connect C4 V2017.03 xentry diagnosis software, here is the final solution provided by maketrust2016 engineer. Problem (2221-45) No access auth…