Apple CarPlay and Android Auto activation tool for Mercedes Benz NTG5 S1

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto activation tool for Mercedes B-enz NTG5 S1 Update by MB STAR C4 OR sd C5 XENTRY


1.Turn on the car ignition switch
2.NTG5 S1 device connected to the car OBD interface
3.Car display "DIAG" words, 10 seconds after the host restart
4.Remove the OBD NTG5 S1 device. And then connect the phone (preferably using the original charging cable)
5.End debugging,all is ok






hello , all the cars listed on the attachment can be activated the carplay funtion, if cant activate , you have to update the software version to the newest version 。
Update newest software must with  last version XENTRY with Xentry Connect 5th Online !Need online   account and newest software DVD disk.
thanks for your attention !!!
          Mercedes-Benz NTG5S1 (A/B/CLA/GLA/GLE/CLS Series)
                                   Plug & Play! Just need insert to obd port than active 1 minute to work! 
                                                                             Unlimited use!
                                       Compatible models(COMAND NTG5s1):
                               A-Class      W176     Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               B-Class      W246      Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               E-Class      W213      Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               CLA-Class   W117     Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               GLA-Class   W156     Date of manufacture 12.2015+
                               GLE-Class   W166     Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               GLE Coupe  W292    Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               GLE-Class   X166     Date of manufacture 01.2016+
                               CLS-Class   W218    Date of manufacture 01.2016+
C/GLC/S Series NTG5.0 and NTG5E are not support! (Need to use video interface and iponoe box to achieve.)
(If your headunit is old version, the function will not normal work or can not be opened, you need update your hedunit to latest version online)
Please don't insert this OBD tool for unsupported models, or you need take all consequences.
Many Thanks !!!
1.Turn to ACC( do not start the engine)
2. Plug this OBD tool to car's OBD diagnose socket. (position: Under the steering wheel near the A-pillar)
3. Your car's screen will display DIAG and waiting for restart.
4. Your car's headunit will restart and enter into menu after 10 seconds.
5. Unplug the OBD tool and connect your phone, follow the prompts to confirm! Function activated and perfect running!
Important Notice
1. Must ensure that the siri option of your iphone is keep opening status.
2. Must use original charging cable of your iphone .
3. Carplay is an app of Apple's IOS system, only iphone can use the Carplay app.(Ip5 or Ip5 above are support)
4. Android Auto is an app of the Android system, Android phone can use the Android Auto app.(But not all Android phone support Android Auto) 




1. Android auto belongs to Google; Carplay is for Apple IOS
2. Carplay can be applied to iPhone 5/5s or iPhones later than that.
3. Not all phones with Andriod system are compatible with Android auto
4. Pls read the appliable car model carefully those did not list could not be connected.