CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer Feedback Yes& No.

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer is an excellent tool so bricks or problems.

Extremely fast for cas1,2&3 for cas3+ if need downgrade 10 minutes and seems safe,ISN read from DME 10 minutes does not support all DME is down side.

Make sure you have proper power on the car.

Cas4 F10 - ok (new key)

Cas4+ F10 - ok (new key) isn from org key or dump DME

FEM/BDC F31 - ok - reset mileage,change isn,change vin,make keys with oryginal key and with dump from DDE

Cas3+E60 - ok,downgrade and make key with isn from org key.

CGDI Prog bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK

Read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628

And look at the following pictuer of success...

Question: on tool info it says supports bmw key unlock,does that mean i can reuse a old key and reprogram it?

Also how safe itf downgrading for cas3+? I only ran into this issue one time and i did not downgrade as worried mess things up.I’m curious how well this programmer works.If anyone who has this doesn’t mind me messaging them with questions,I will appreciated it .

Answer:Yes,CGDI BMW Key tool supports bmw key unlock,you can reuse an old key and program it. And yes,it is safe if downgrade for cas3+,Don’t worry you will mess things up,Any question,Please feel free to contact at email: for assistance.


How does CGDI BMW key tool make key on BMW 3 series FEM systerm ?



How to use CGDI BMW key tool to program BMW CAS3 key?



CGDI Prog BMW Read MSD85 ECU engine

CGDI BMW pro learns FEM BDC key:

1,BMW FEM/BDC installation location.



2,95128 IC location


3,95256 IC Location


4,Key learning position.

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