How to use CGDI PRO for CAS4/CAS4+ Keys Add & All Keys Lost?

About: How to add CAS4/CAS4+ keys (and when all keys are lost situation), using CGDI key programmers.
Optional tools: CG PRO 9s12, CGDI BMW, CG100 full-featured
Part 1: Add CAS4 key
Part 2: Program CAS4+ all keys lost
Part 1: Add CAS4 key 
CAS4 antitheft buggy key programming, needs to be read to configure the key, read CAS4 antitheft data and load data ro match keys
Step 1: Read CAS4 anti-theft data using CG Pro 9S12
CAS4 anti-theft computer module
CGDI-Pro and CAS4 wiring diagram
Connect to CGDI-PRO
Decrypt successfully and save data 
Step 2: Match the new key with CGDI BMW
Go to “CAS4 Key Match”

Load CAS data
Display key data in the CGDI interface

Select the key position that need to be configured
Click to generate the dealer key
Put in the blank key into CGDI BMW
Program a new key successfully!
Work good as the original after learning
Done !

Part 2: CAS4+ all keys lost programming keep updating tomorrow .

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