BMW E9x E90 CIC Refit Emulator Activate Navigation/VIM/Rear View Camera Image comes with harness.

BMW E90 E9X CIC Host with PDC Refit Emulator For Video in motion, Navigation, Parking Rear View Camera Activation, some people do not know how to make connect , so we add hareness cable with it , so can play and plug directly .Best feedback from ebay store .



CIC retrofit activation Interface. Highest quality adapter made according to BMW technical specifications won't lead to any fire in wiring harness. This emulator allows navigation, voice control( this function could be activated only when u unit have this function) , video in motion and parking rear view image(this function requires u car is cic host with PDC to make coding ) to work when connect to your CIC headunit.


Computer configuration activate function of parking rear view: 

Configure 3AG coding computer module  (FA = VO = configuration)

Our interface has following function:


1. Activation of Video in Motion/Navigation in CIC host

2. Activate Parking Rear View in CIC host with PDC(Parking Distance Control)