Digiprog 3 Smart ForTwo 2002 Odometer Correction via OBD?

Purpose: Change the mileage of a Smart Fortwo 2002 via an OBDII cable

Car: Smart ForTwo CM01 – year 2002



Odometer correction tool: Digiprog 3 Chinese version 

Method: ODB2


Digiprog 3 says “NO CONNECTION”.



Suggestion & Solutions:

2002 cannot be done via obd!!


First you have to reset the bcu and then correct the milage in the dash (its a eeprom C66).
Setting the eeprom worked fine.


Note 1: Wrong Pinouts

Sometimes Chinese cable schematics is wrong.


Note 2: What is BCU?

BCU= Bord Control Unit.

is under the steering wheel on the left side. (inside the reilais box). you have to dismount it and connect like in the manual. until now i couldnt find the right pinout for the Digiprog(im seraching). For me it worked only with “Tacho Pro”.

In the dash you can find two C66 eeproms you need the right one. You have to connect the red wire with the lower left leg of the eeprom (i couldnt connect it with the clip it worked only by soldering every single wire).
Here is the manual:


Requires plug ST01 




Remove the instrument cluster disassemble it.

Find the chip 93CS66.


Put plug ST01 on the chip (read red wire on pin 1 writing from chip then bottom left is pin 1).

Select the program: Car / Truck – SMART C66.


The DIGIPROG 3 will show you the current / incorrect KM status.

Enter the new / correct KM-Stand.