CIC Rear View Camera Activator for BMW E90 E60 E9X E6X

This article show a guide on how to connect CIC Rear View Camera Activator ?


Q: What's function for CIC Rear View Camera Activator ?

A: You do not need to install any interface or decoder, the original camera terminal input, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and so on.

It haven't backing track and obstacles (but more clear).

Q: It is with camera power output?

A: Yes,It comes with camera power output, Don't need reversing lights or other power.

Q: What's camera I can use ?

A: You can use general CCD camera of common market   !(The Product haven't include the CCD camera.

Q: Should I coding ?

A: Yes, need to check as below :


E9x/E6x            CIC-----15 Pin----->12V  Red

Reverse           CIC-----12 Pin----->GND  Black

Image              CIC-----11 Pin----->CAN  H  Brown

Emulator          CIC-----9 Pin------>CAN  L   Green
Camera-------12V------ White


To configure:  Add "3AG code CIC and PDC"  ,  Then modify the following items:

MACRO_PDC          aktiv
TVC_WIDTH_0C       wert_02

Result after installation.

src :


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