Mb star sd connect c4 reviews


Hi all,

I am new to your site as I am new to the MB community. I just bought my first SL55 AMG. An amazing car. I have been looking into buying a Star Diagnosis tool. I plan on doing work on this car and from what I read this is the first tool to buy to avoid much heartache. I see many websites selling this compact C4. Most from overseas. China etc.




Mb star sd connect c4 reviews

SD Connect – Star Diagnosis Connect – without this you won’t be able to communicate with the mux (the hardware box)

I installed Xentry, EPC, WIS, SDMedia on the same laptop.

I am in bay area and drive to so cal on every other weekend or so to see my parents. I can help you out as I got all that stuff on a hard drive now.


I would Advise buy MB SD CONNECT C4 with T410 laptop.

because it connect via LAN Cable but not COM Port as mb star c3 . most laptop have not this COM port ,also used Laptop may have problem on Com port so that you would not communication well .

I got one from here MB SD Connect Compact 4 almost one year . It still working great .


I installed DAS Xentry and WIS on a DELL Laptop.

So far it is working good.

Where to buy star diagnosis?

I got mine from maketrust2016 ebay store

i didn’t buy the hard drive, just installed the software on my own laptop. Yes it will work on any laptop that has a serial port – db9.

The USB to Serial is unreliable, the VM is also unreliable.

They sold me a C4 but not the wireless kind its just a box with connectors on both ends. The firmware has a 2005 date. But it works on all the cars.

The software is on many places, search google. That’s how I found it, but it was a pain in the neck to download (large files) and also pain to install it (lot of nuances to deal with)

I know this thread has been going for a while now, however i thought I would update it. I recently purchased a replacement box from maketrust2016 company and it works great on my W212, R171 and my smart 451. It allowed me to do exactly what I needed and the diagnostics are great.

I just got it from maketrust2016 paid around $800 to get the laptop+c4+ software

MB Star is an excellent piece of diagnostic equipment, the best out there for MB, I have seen other diagnostic platforms and I would only ever use star.

Hope this is useful.

src: https://www.ebay.com/itm/V2018-07-MB-SD-C4-Connect-Compact-C4-Xentry-DAS-Star-Diagnosis-with-T410-laptop/123229351393?hash=item1cb10aade1:g:xMUAAOSwtoVbPDzX