Lonsdor K518 K518ISE FAQ :Hardware,adapter,car list,function,update etc.

Here is the Frequently asked questions(FAQ) of Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer,incl. hardware,adapter,car list,function,update etc.

Here we go:

Q: Does Lonsdor key programmer support Spanish ?

A:No,OBD2 key programmer Lonsdor K518 is the Chinese version.K518 supports English(K518ISE) and Thai(K518THA) language,cannot exchange with the machine.

Q:Does Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer need tokens ?

A:No,it does not need tokens.It’s not a token tool.

Q:How to register the K518 machine ?

A:For new user,click Registration,input user name(email),name(min 2 char),password(min 6 char).email verification code and click YES to complete registration(if interrupted after registration is done,you will go to the system update-Registered user to proceed).Then go to Activation confirmation to continue.

After confirming activation,it will enter into setup password interface,please set 6-digit numbersas your startup password.Then after information verification by Lonsdor (5-30 minutes,you can check the progress by clicking”Refresh”),you will required to re-enter the password to verify,when you get the notification that verification successful,the whole process before using the device is complete.

Q:Is it upgradeable and how to update?

A:Enable network connection,the system will automatically update to the latest version.

Q:The internet connection will work for 1 year?And then users need to buy again the option ?

A:Update by internet connection for free lifetime.

Only the option that our engineer pay too much energy and cost to develop,that will charge again,so far all update are free.

Q:The SKE-LT smart key emulator is used once?

A:No,these SKE-LT smart key emulator can be used for many times.Once you generate key success,turn on the switch on the emulator unit for 3 times,date will be automatically erased.

(Note:If you failed to program key with the emulator,you properly do not clear the date restored)

Q:KPROG is not for all cars ?

A:used to program MCU and EEPROM on ECU circuit board.

Q:Will it read pin code on US sold Hyundai and kia smart system?

A:K518 can work on Hyundai and kia smart system with 47,8A chip.For 46 chip,you have to collect the copy password first then calculate the pin code.

Q:Will K518ISE program2017 Ford Escape smart key works on 49 chip.

A:2017 Ford Escape smart key works on 49 chip.

Q:Did you have to do CEM’s and KVM’s dismantling and reading first if want to program Volvo V40 smart key?

A:Yes,Need to remove CEM and KVM to read first.

Q:Will K518 work on 2007 dodge ram?

A:Lonsdor K518ISE supports Dodge RAM1500 and Journey models only at present.

Q:Can I program BMW CAS3+ smart key when all keys have lost ?

A:Sorry,Lonsdor K518 cannot program CAS3+ all key lost.

Q:Will K518 read ISN code from BMW CAS system?

A:No,it can not.you can choose to use CGDI Pro BMW or other tools .

Q:Will K518 program Nissan proximity key?

A:Nissan prox works great.

Q:Will Lonsdor K518ISE add a key on Mitsubishi ASX 2013 ?

A:Yes,It will .

Q:Will it program Cadillac ESCALADE year 2017 smart key ?

A:Yes,we have tested and worked great.

Q:Can I read pin code and program key for PSA cars ?

A:Yes,used on some PSA cars (2003 to 2008 years )to read pin and program keys all ok.

Q:I wonder will the Lonsdor K518 work on VAG 4th IMMO when all keys lost ?

A:Works on a part of Vag 2010-all keys lost,supports 4th Immo system 202AD key as long as the 4th Immo data can be read out successfully by 202AD.

Q:Hi,Will K518 program BMW FEW system when all keys have lost ?

A:Yes,It will .

Q:Will I need to remove FEM/BDC,If I need to work on this function ?

A:Don’t need to remove FEM/BDC.

Q:Will K518 program Toyota H type key all keys lost?

A:Sorry,it cannot program H chip all keys lost.

Q:Does Lonsdor work on 2017CAMRY smart key with DST128 chip when all keys have lost ?

A:Sorry,Lonsdor K518ISE can not program Toyota DST128 all keys lost,But it will program DST40,DST80 and 8Achip all keys lost by OBD if using SKE-LT Smart Key emulator .