Digiprog works well on Audi a3 2011

Digiprog V4.94 review :

I have a abrites 2014 clone.

Last week a have a Audi a3 2011 with a micronas cluster.

owner wants mileage calibration. i read out mileage and typ in new and press calibrate.

The cluster go's off and on a few times and then stays off...

I was f*ckt.... 


isnt there a way to fix the bootloader isseu with abrites?

or do i really need to Xprog 5.55 for fix?


other qeustion.

today a friend calls me and he also haves abrites 2014 and he did a mileage correction on his car

Vw polo 6r 2013 with a johnson cluster.

He read out Conf data and immo and saved it.

after that i try to calibrated mileage.

Cluster went off and stays off....

He freakt out and callt me.

i wass searching on the web and found that you have to do it severall times i try it bud no luck.

then i try to write back conf data and cluster is back on bud with old mileage.

i try with my abrites and the same problem...

both i use v21 

I have been using it for 2 years now and these are the first problems I experience. however never worked with this counter until now.

before I order another one I would like to know what exactly is going on. and hopefully someone can tell me that too.


use digiprog3 read write milage and dach will back alive


digiprog fix the bootloader issues ?

Answer:yes work for my vehicle.i had 3 diferrent audi a3 and worked perfect fvdi is crap danger tool 


do you also know about the johnson cluster from the polo 6r?


not sure with Johnson control but every thing I have done with a digiprog has worked even when more expensive kit has failed

so digiprog with reasonable price and send fast .