Jaguar/Land Rover KVM reset: CG100 can read & write 9S12XEQ384


Confirmed! CG100 programmer is able to reset Keyless Vehicle Module (KVM) from a Jaguar or Land Rover. It can read and write Motorola 9S12XEQ384


The KVM:


It’s the Remote Function Actuator(RFA )/Keyless Vehicle Module (KVM)

Pls remove it from the car

Wiring connection to CG100  programmer:

All ready for KVM reset!

Steps to reset KVM:

Run CG100 app

Select CG100-III->UniProg (Universal Programmer)->Motorola->9S12XEQ384


Then read to check if the chip is encrypted

Erase to clear chip data


Adjust CPU

This function is used to adjust the DFlash/EEPROM space size and replace the chip can be used to.

Adjust value: DFLASH:4K,  EEPROM:2K


Then write EEPROM, DFLASH, PFLASH one by one]