Original PCM3.1 Activate Parking Reverse Image/Camera Plug Play Emulator

New Porsche Original PCM3.1 Reverse Image Emulator/Rear View Camera Activator With Plug Play Harness/Connector(Play&play, just need connect camera, no need cut wires)

You do not need to install any interface or decoder, the original camera terminal input, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and so on.


The Emulator comes with camera power output. Don't need reversing lights or other power.

You can use general CCD camera on common market ! (The item doesn't contain the CCD camera, if you need it, please contact our seller.)



Support PCM3.1 all versions, including V4.3!(Except Porsche 911 old PCM factory restricted)

(OBD = for diagnostic socket!) (Not support CDR headunit and 911 sw=3.xx PCM31)




Important Note: 

You have to open your car's reverse function before use our emulator.

You can use piwis tester or our OBD tool to open the reverse function.

Please check item Number  123056419628 in our store If you need order New Porsche OBD Tool Open Parking Reverse Image. This OBD tool can unlimited permanent use.


If you can purchase more than 50 pieces of this reverse image Emulator in one times . 

We will Free Add : The OBD open reversing function tool! OBD directly open the reverse image for you .